Propeller Disorders

Cavitating Propeller

Cavitation is caused by water vaporizing due to pressure reduction on the propeller blades.  This can be caused by mechanical damage such as bent or impacted blades, wrongly matched power to propeller type or incorrect propeller design.  This distortion of the flow pattern can significantly reduce power, efficiency and cause erosion of the rotating propeller blades.  A Prop Scan tuned propeller reduces the level of propeller cavitation generating improved efficiency and extended propeller life.  


 Vibration is not only annoying but a sign of inefficiency. Propeller induced vibration can be caused by inaccuracies in pitch, camber, and section shape. Prop Scan EPS allows Prop Doctors, LLC. technicians to accurately diagnose and treat your propeller resulting in a smoother, more efficient and often faster propeller.  

Fuel Consumption

Does your boat consume more fuel than the recommended amount?  A low classed propeller increases fuel consumption. On average an ISO Class S propeller uses 10-15% less fuel than an ISO Class III propeller.

Cavitation Erosion

Have you recently experienced Sandbar Syndrome?  A bent blade edge will negatively Impact your boat's overall health.  A Prop Doctors, LLC. technician will repair and optimize your propeller increasing the longevity of your boat's engine.

Tip Erosion

Abrasives present in the surroundings often cause tip erosion. Tip erosion reduces the overall diameter and performance of your propeller, this can easily be identified and rectified by a Prop Doctors, LLC. technician. 

Engine Overload

Does your boat have a smoking problem?  If your boat has black smoke emerging from its transom...the propeller may be inducing engine overload and reducing the overall life of the engine.  Let Prop Doctors, LLC. assess and treat your propeller today!